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Shiv Abhishek Puja on Monday’s

“Uplifting Dharma in a Caring and Sharing Environment”
“Proudly serving the local Community”

Hare Krishna Devotees and Friends,

Dharma Mandir welcomes Everyone to participate in the following programme:

Dharma Mandir has started to open the Mandir for everyone to come and take part in Puja on Mondays from:

11.00am to 1.30 pm

Shiv Abhishek
Ganesh Aarti
Havan followed by Prashad

Benefits of attending Shiv abhishek on Monday’s:
According to our scriptures “Shiv Puran”, it is said that by doing Shiv Abhishek every Monday, one is relieved from Pain, Suffering, Distress and also attains Salvation.

Doing Shiv Abhishek every Monday pleases Shiv Bhagwan and is rewarded with
Joy, Happiness and Prosperity

Please contact us for any enquiries by email: info@dharmamandir.com
Telephone Bhai Vijay on 07817085679 or
Ashok on 07773327464

Please share this Invite with your families and friends

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