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Guruji’s Monthly Message


Guruji’s March 2016 Message

OM Namah Shivaaya

( salutation to Lord Shiva )

We are approaching that auspicious time of Maha Shivaratri ( the great night of shiva )one of the most important and popular festivals. Hindus spend months and weeks preparing for this wonderful and energising moment each year . It is that moment in time when Lord Shiva PRAGAT ( took form ) In the shape of LINGA ( a solid pillar ), saving the universe from imminent destruction by the Brahma-Astra and Vishnu-Astra (weapons of the Creator and upholder of the universe ).

It is the time when we should show our gratitude and be thankful to Lord Shiva for his ever loving kindness to mankind .

Please make every effort to visit you nearest Mandir ( temple ) on Shivaratri and be thankful for all the unrecognised and recognised kindness of Lord Shiva. “Opportunity lost is never regain”.


Guruji’s November  2015 message:

Where there is light there is no darkness

Where there is wealth there is no poverty

Where there is joy there is no sadness

Where there is knowledge there is no ignorance

Where there is life there is no death.

So wake up, dress up, and turn up at Your Mandir 

with a clear mind and open sincere heart 

ready to receive the power, grace and blessings of

Our Divine Mother Lakshmi.

Let your true divine light shine

Satyam Shivam Sundaram 

Happy Diwali



Guruji’s October 2015 message:

Sarva Mangal Maagalyea Shiva Sarvarta Sadikay
Sharanyea Triambikay Gowrie Naarayanee Naamoastutay

May Blessings and good tidings be bestowed upon all of us
May joy and happiness ( never experienced before) be ours to behold
May  we received the divine umbrella protection that  a real mother gives
May we always be able to surrender to the mother of all mothers ( Gowrie Mata )

If one can kneel before one’s Mother , one can stand up to anything and everything.

The time has arrived to “COME HOME” and visit our Mother who has some wonderful
Gifts for us.  Lets Make this Visit with a pure Heart and sincere Love ( Bhakti & Prem )

This is the treasure of Nav Ratri , so be prepared in thought, word, and deed.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram